How Hope Hermitage can be of help to you if someone in your family is suffering from Alzheimer’s and related dementia?

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How Hope Hermitage can be of help to you if someone in your family is suffering from Alzheimer’s and related dementia?

Hope Hermitage Elderly Care Center can help you by counseling program to your family or individual members; you can also be a member in our HHN’s ASHA Program. HHEC can help you provide the in home caretaker with formal knowledge of taking care to Alzheimer’s and related dementia patients.

1. Hope Hermitage Elderly Care provide trained Caretakers for In Home Care Service; a formal care in caring elderly at their home.

In Home Elderly Care Services:
These services are delivered at residence of any Senior Citizen within the Kathmandu Valley depending on their needs.
A. In Home Senior Care provides personal assistance on the activities of daily living such as: Bathing, dressing, feeding, toileting, individuals grooming Care etc.

B. In Home House Hold Help includes: Light Housekeeping & cooking; vacuuming; garbage removal; cleaning kitchen; dusting furniture; laundry; change linens; bed making; general shopping etc.

As a part of a Caretaker Program, HHN & HHEC conduct caretaker’s training throughout the year and developed professional male and female caretakers who choose caregiver career to serve the formal care needed for elderly in Nepal.

HHEC provide placement for trained caretaker for in home care services to those who successfully completed the training, and understand policies and program on ageing; right of elderly people, consequences of elderly abuse, understand elderly health, special care needed for Alzheimer's and related dementia, knows potential cause symptoms and Identify care need of elderly people, and way to cope with it as care giver in day to day care and support.

2. ASHA (Alzheimer’s Self Help Alliance):

Hope Hermitage Nepal’s networking; advocacy and awareness support system for families of people living with Alzheimer’s and Related Dementia has been founded by the name ASHA (Alzheimer’s Self Help Alliance). The objective of ASHA Network is to promote social or peer support among families who have someone in the family with dementia to self, help, share and learn from the support group and promote wellbeing, care and support for the right of the people living with dementia. The membership consists of people who had or who has been taking care of
the Alzheimer’s and related dementia patients in the family for last 16/14/11 years. The family member with practical experiences of taking care can help you with his/her experiences. Apart, we have psychosocial Counsellor to provide support in counselling family members. The ASHA Network meets once in a month to share and learn from each other and seek support to each other as self help.

3. Psychosocial counselling:

Psychosocial Counseling is a helping relationship to Alzheimer’s and related dementia family members who is undergoing some problem or crisis, expresses feelings, thoughts, emotions, expectations, needs, etc. Alzheimer's disease is called a family disease, because the chronic stress of watching a loved one slowly decline affects everyone in the family, guilt, grief and loss, anger, sadness, fear, depression, etc could be found in the family caregivers. Therefore, an effective treatment includes the needs of the entire family on emotional support followed with counseling. Through this counseling and with the help of the counselor, the client is able to either adjust to the situation or is able to manage the problem. Alzheimer's disease poses real challenges for both the person diagnosed and to the family caregivers and is an expensive disease.

For further information please contact us or can also email us OR for further information please contact: Hope Hermitage Elderly Care Pvt. Ltd, Phone: +977-1- 4430469, 4427559, 4439441, Gairidhara (Near Sunrise Bank, Gairidhara Chowk – Naxal), Kathmandu-2 , Nepal.

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